Cattle Breeds

All information related to breeds of cattle will be included in this.

Haryana Cow

Haryana cow breed originated form Haryana zila of India. They are available in almost all Asian countries. This cow breed is also available in southern part of America and in Latin America. Characteristics of haryana cow are described below. Fig. 1: Haryana Cow The color of their body is white or slightly ash. They become very… read more »

Belgian Blue

The Belgian Blue (French: ‘Blanc-Bleu Belge’, Dutch: ‘Belgisch Witblauw’) is a breed of beef cattle from Belgium. It may also be known as the Race de la Moyenne et Haute Belgique. Alternative names for this breed include Belgian Blue-White; Belgian White and Blue Pied; Belgian White Blue; Blue; and Blue Belgian. The Belgian Blue’s extremely lean, hyper-sculpted, ultra-muscular physique is termed “double-muscling”. The double-muscling phenotype is a heritable condition resulting… read more »

Sahiwal Cattle

Sahiwal is a breed of Zebu cattle which primarily is used in dairy production. Sahiwal originated from the Sahiwal district of Punjab province in Pakistan. They produce the most milk of all zebu breeds, followed by the very similar Red Sindhi and Butana breeds. Sahiwal is considered one of the indigenous cow breed of Punjab and under the ‘Rashtriya Gokul Mission’ incentives are given to rear this endangered breed. This cow breed can be found… read more »

Deoni Cow

[1] Origin and Geographical Distribution  The Deoni Breed of cattle sometimes also known as Dangari (which means ”of the hills”), has been evolved within the last 200 years. It is claimed that it has been developed from strain descended from the mixture of Gir, Dangi and local cattle. A contribution from the Gir type of… read more »

Tharparkar Cattle

Tharparkar (also known as White Sindhi, Cutchi and Thari) is a breed of cattle originating in Tharparkar District in Sindh province in present day Pakistan. It is a dual purpose breed known for both its milking and draught potential. The name is derived from Thar Desert of Rajasthan adjoining Tharparkar area which was its usual habitat and place of origin. The cattle is of medium to large… read more »

Bakosi Cattle

Bakosi Cattle, also known as Bakuri or Kosi, are a Savannah Shorthorn breed of cattle in Cameroon maintained by the ethnic group Bakossi. They are found in the south-western mountains of Cameroon, west of the Nkongsamba on the border between the Southwest region and Littoral provinces. They are used for their meat, hides, payment of bride price and rituals. [1] Their coats vary from black to white but more… read more »

Rathi Cattle

Rathi also synonymous with its variant Rath, is a breed of cattle indigenous to India. It originated in the region of the state of Rajasthan consisting of Bikaner, Ganganagar and Hanumangarh districts.[1] It is an important dual purpose cattle breed of India known for both its milking and draught prowess. The cattle is locally known to have two variants, Rathi is a draft breed[2] while Rath is a pure milch variant…. read more »

Krishna Valley Cattle

Krishna Valley cattle (Kannada:god) is a breed of cattle native to North Karnataka region in India. It is known to have originated in the areas drained by the Krishna, Ghataprabha and Malaprabha rivers of the Bijapur, Bagalkot and Belgaum districts. It is a draught breed mainly used for agricultural purposes. The bulls are known for strength and endurance and the cows are moderate milk yielders. The Brahman or Brahma breed was produced by cross-breeding the Kankrej… read more »


Kherigarh is an indigenous breed of cattle in India.[1][2] It originated in the Lakhimpur Kheri district of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The cattle are closely related to Malwa (cattle).[3] It is a draught breed, the bulls are used for light draft works.


Kenkatha (Hindi:केन्काथा), also known as Kanwariya, is a breed of cattle native to India. They originated in the provinces of Bundelkhand in the state of Uttar Pradesh along the banks of river Ken and Vindhyas hilly range in Madhya Pradesh.[1][2] They are of small and compact build and exhibit different shades of gray and black, rarely white complexions. The cattle is used for draft purposes and is… read more »