2018 January

Bikal Farm (Palwal)

Farm Details
Bikal Farm is situated at Tal – Palwal, Dist – Faridabad, State – Hariyana, Pin Code 121102. Farm has various stocks of Sahiwal breed (Standard Characteristics of Sahiwal) for breed improvement.


Kherigarh is an indigenous breed of cattle in India.[1][2] It originated in the Lakhimpur Kheri district of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The cattle are closely related to Malwa (cattle).[3] It is a draught breed, the bulls are used for light draft works.


Kenkatha (Hindi:केन्काथा), also known as Kanwariya, is a breed of cattle native to India. They originated in the provinces of Bundelkhand in the state of Uttar Pradesh along the banks of river Ken and Vindhyas hilly range in Madhya Pradesh.[1][2] They are of small and compact build and exhibit different shades of gray and black, rarely white complexions. The cattle is used for draft purposes and is… read more »

Kasaragod Dwarf Cattle

  Kasaragod Dwarf Cattle (Malayalam: /Kannada: is a breed of cattle in Kerala. They originated in the mountain range of Kasaragod district.[1] The cows are known for their excellent milking ability and give mineral rich milk with high feed to milk ratio. The cattle require almost zero inputs and can be free ranged. They are one among the three prime… read more »


The Kankrej is an Indian breed of zebu cattle. It originates from the arid region of the Rann of Kutch in the state of Gujarat, and in neighbouring Rajasthan. Under the name Kankaraj, it is also present in Tharparkar District, in Sindh, Pakistan. It is also known by the names Bannai, Nagar, Talab, Vathiyar, Wagad, Waged, Vadhiyar, Wadiyar, Vadhir and Wadial.[4] It is a dual-purpose breed, used both for draught work and… read more »

Kangayam Cattle

The Kangeyam or Kangayam cattle derives its name from the Kangayam town located in Tiruppur district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is an indigenous breed of India. The animals are medium built in general and is considered a good draught breed in South India. Although the milk of Kangayam cows has a high nutritious value with no bad fat, the breed is considered… read more »

Hariana Cattle

Hariana is a breed of zebu cattle native to North India. Contents  [hide]  1Range 2Features 3Origin 4See also 5References Range[edit] It is the native of Rohtak, Karnal, Jind, Hisar, and Gurgaon districts in the state of Haryana. The cattle are of medium to large size, and are generally of white to gray shades in color.[1][2] Features[edit] Horns are short and the face is narrow and long. The… read more »


Hallikar (Kannada: ) is a breed of cattle native to the state of Karnataka, India. They are more common in the traditional Hallikar belt of Mysore, Mandya, Hassan and Tumkur districts of South Karnataka.[1][2] Long, vertical and backward bending horns, large humps in males, moderate to long height and medium size of the body, and white to grey and occasionally black complexions, are the characteristics of… read more »


Gangatiri is an indigenous cattle breed of India. It is known to be originated in the region along the banks of Ganga river in eastern Uttar Pradesh and western parts of Bihar state. This is an important dual purpose breed of North India. The cows are fairly good milk yielders.[1]

Deoni Cattle

Deoni (Kannada: /Marathi:देवनि) is a native breed of cattle in India. They originated in the taluks of Basavakalyan, Bidar and Bhalki of Bidar district in Karnataka and adjoining Latur district of the state of Maharashtra.[1][2] Known to be both good milk yielders and draft animals, the Deoni is considered as an important dual-purpose breed of cattle in India. These animals are quite popular in the tracts of former Hyderabad State which is… read more »